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Sep. 1984 - Aug. 1989 Wilhelm-Pieck high school in Crimmitschau
Sep. 1989 - Aug. 1992 Kepler high school in Weiden
Sep. 1992 - Aug. 1996 Hans-Scholl Junior high school in Weiden
Sep. 1996 - March 2000 Vocational college in Weiden

Sep. 1996 - March 2000 Apprenticeship as an electrician at Company Witron Logistics + ICT in Parkstein
March 2000 - Aug. 2001 

Working as a programmer at Company Witron Logistics + ICT in Parkstein

Aug. 2001 - May 2002 

Military service replacement in the form of civilian service at the town nursery Weiden

since March 2002 

Working as a programmer at Company Witron Logistics + ICT in Parkstein


The company WITRON developes the logistics and information technology for fully automated high-bay warehouses

Following tasks are up to me:

  • Development of application software in form of VB dialogues, interfaces, database interfaces
  • Error analysis and monitoring system at ramp-up
  • Editing of Oracle databases with the programs PL/SQL and Access
  • Creating documentation
  • Service support and training of customers

Among other things, I´ve been 5 years in London (UK) and approximately one year in each Helsinki(FIN), Prague(CZ), Frankfurt(D) and Ehingen(D) and could learn there much practical experience.

I like working in this industry very much, because it is very varied. Independent thinking and freedom of choice is not only permissible, but even required. You are always facing new challenges and has always the chance to educate yourself and to develop, because the software industry is very moving. You must never stop at an educational level and you are never done with learning


I want to stay in any case in the it-sector.
I could imagine myself in the following application areas:

  • Development of application software
  • Development of processes in the field of logistics
  • Programming of databases
  • Commissioning and error analysis of software
  • Service
  • Web design
  • System management
  • other areas for planning, development and optimization..

In addition the following is important to me:

  • Work climate
  • Development opportunities
  • New challenges
  • Diversity at work
  • Income.

The criteria are not individually, but the overall impression is decisive.


Jui-jui-tsu is a variation of karate. This sport has much to do with mastery of body and spirit. It gives me balance and inner peace.

Interest in chess has formed in school, in which I actively played in a chess team and regularly did tournaments.

Tennis is another sport, which makes me happy and keeps me fit.

The interest in photography was formed during my childhood. My dad and I have developed the films always even if only black and white. I´m not fixed on certain subjects, vacation photos, landscapes, moving pictures, shadows or close-ups. The most important thing for me is this, a moment, a particular view or something perfectly normal, to capture on paper. The photography is currently also the only hobby I can operate actively and regularly with my work mostly away.

Programming and Web design
When computer science was introduced as a school subject, I learned to develop small quick-basic - and later, Visual Basic programs. Since then this interest has widened more and more, so I connected it to my future profession.